SWITCH ActiveControl technology is ideal for sports eyewear applications. A sensor on the frame detects the current light level and automatically applies pulses of electricity to adjust the lens tint for superior visibility in any condition.

The ultra-low power requirements allow for extended use on small batteries that can be easily integrated into eyewear frames. The low haze means you see your surroundings, not your lens. From the open slopes to the shaded glades, in bright sun or overcast clouds, SWITCH ActiveControl eyewear provides one lens for all conditions.

Transportation and Aerospace

SWITCH ActiveControl film is suitable for all transportation and aerospace glazing applications.  The superior optical clarity and low haze provide the comfortable, unobstructed viewing experience passengers expect in either the dark or light state. 

By darkening automatically in sunlight, SWITCH ActiveControl film ensures that solar heat gain and glare is minimized, improving passenger comfort and reducing climate control energy consumption.



SWITCH ActiveControl film is ideal for exterior architectural glazing applications.  The low power requirements, and automatic darkening are the perfect combination to eliminate unsightly mechanical blinds and reduce total building energy consumption.

The ultra-low haze and superior optical clarity in both the dark and light state mean occupants benefit from the reduced solar heat gain and glare without sacrificing outside views and the connection with their surroundings.