Find out how SWITCH ActiveControl technology brings benefits to both drivers and manufacturers, and improves the driving experience.




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Whether your vehicle is parked or on the move, the SWITCH roof will darken automatically in daylight to block out heat and glare. By keeping the cabin cooler SWITCH ActiveControl film reduces the demand on energy-intensive air conditioning, improving fuel efficiency and extending the battery range of electric vehicles.

At any time the user can clear the SWITCH roof with the push of a button, allowing in more light and brightening the cabin.

SWITCH ActiveControl technology can help solve some of the biggest challenges in today’s automotive industry and change the direction of automotive design forever.


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In its dark state, the SWITCH ActiveControl film can replace the roller-shade used on current sunroofs. By removing the roller shade assembly and replacing heavy tempered glass with lighter laminated assemblies vehicle manufacturers can reduce weight and save on parts and assembly costs.
Removing the roller-shade also reduces the packaging space required for the headliner, increasing headroom in the cabin.
With more headroom space inside the cabin, vehicle height can be optimized for better aerodynamics, a major factor in overall fuel efficiency and battery driving range in electric vehicles.
SWITCH ActiveControl film requires only 2V DC to switch to the clear state, and no power to switch to the dark state, for a real energy savings, making integration into vehicle power systems simple and cost-efficient.